We open a small column to analyze the correct behavior to be adopted by the passionate cyclist to safeguard against the incorrect behavior of those around him on our roads.

Cycling is our passion, our dream, every time we take the bike and we get in the saddle we enter another dimension.

Relaxation, a sense of freedom, pleasure, effort and a lot of happiness…

We are lucky enough to cycle in a territory with panoramic views that take our breath away, Lake Como. Its characteristic streets cross ancient villages and traditions, roads where the passion for cycling is savored in the air, just make a few kilometers and you’ll meet cyclists of all kinds, men, women, young and old. Cycling here is tradition and passion as well as in the rest of Italy, from the peaks of the far north to the magnificent coasts of Sicily.

one of the views of Lake Como

But often our passion clashes with the reality of road traffic, motorcycles, cars and trucks: who has not happened to attend or be the protagonist of a discussion between a cyclist and a motorist…?

WE NEED A CHANGE, even in the face of the latest fatal accidents, the most famous, Davide Rebellin, Michele Scarponi etc… .

ENOUGH, we must change mentality, but we should make a common effort to change all together. We start as cyclists, respecting the rules of the road, avoiding forming large groups, cycling in single file paying the utmost attention. Similarly, motorists, truck drivers and motorcyclists must understand that the cyclists, as well as the pedestrians, are the most vulnerable and weak protagonist of the road and therefore must be safeguarded.

on the roads of Lake Como

To overtake with high-speed a cyclist, passing him a few centimeters, is very dangerous. Driving while watching the mobile phone is prohibited, you risk causing fatal accidents. Many behaviors on the roads are incorrect, speed, haste, superficiality are the causes of unpleasant events.

It is necessary to change, the roads are for everyone, and everyone has the right to use them correctly respecting the rules but above all COMMON SENSE.

CYCLING is a WONDERFUL thing let’s all work together.

Luca Molteni


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