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This is a compiled set of answers to questions that commonly arise when planning a ride on Lake Como. For more up-to-the-minute and interactive questions and answers, you can email ComoLagoBike

1. Can I rent the bike or join a group tour if I am not guest at Hotel il Perlo Panorama?

Yes of course, ComoLagoBike is partner with and located on the grounds of Hotel il Perlo Panorama, but offers its services to all guests and provides a shuttle service from Bellagio to the bike shop.

2. What do you provide with bike rental?

Quotation includes: helmet, water bottle, puncture kit, lights, bike lock and pedals.

3. Do you have pedals?

Yes we have Look Keo and Shimano SPD-SL road pedals, and Shimano SPD MTB pedals upon request.

4. If I go for a self-guided ride and have problems getting back what can I do?

On booking you will get our mobile contact for any last minute matters, call us and we will either help you to come back on your own or provide a shuttle pickup with a fee depending on the distance.

5. Is there parking at the Bike Shop? Can I leave the car while riding?

Yes, Hotel il Perlo Panorama offers free parking to guests of ComoLagoBike.

6. If I come without a car how do I reach the bike shop?

Upon preagreement ComoLagobike offers free shuttle service from Bellagio center to bike shop, or we can arrange a pickup from nearby towns. Hotel Il Perlo Panorama also has a shuttle service that can be used by ComoLagoBikers with a fee of 2 euros per person. Hotel shuttle runs 7/7 daily at 9,30 am, 3,30 pm, and 6,45 pm from Bar Carillon in Bellagio (facing car ferry pier).

7. I am worried about the trafic: is it dangerous riding there?

Traffic is not a real issue on our roads except on Sunday or during local holidays where the lakeside roads can become very crowded with cars and motorcycles. Our guides are experts at knowing what roads to ride each day depending on traffic or other local events. Some guests feel that the drivers in Italy come close to cyclists as they pass, but the drivers here are overall much safer and more patient than in other cultures.

8. Can I leave my shoes and clothes at the bike shop while riding?

Yes of course we will take care of your personal items during your riding time.

9. Can I have a shower after ride?

If you are not a guest of Hotel Il Perlo you have use of our shower facilities with a fee of euro 5,00.

10. Can I have food on return of the rides?

Yes of course, whether a guest a Hotel il Perlo Panorama or not, everyone is welcome to enjoy the restaurant and outdoor patio after their ride. They offer delicious post-ride meals at euro 20,00 per person: pasta, salad with cheese/ham, dessert, cafe and water are included

11. How do I book the group tour or other services?

There are several options:
1) Send an email to,
2) On-line booking from this website,
3) Stop by the bike shop, or
4) Call the bike shop at +39 031 950229.

12. I would love to ride Ghisallo and Sormano, can I do it myself or do I need a guide?

The Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano are very famous rides and anyone can ride on their own. For a small fee we can also provide GPS files to load on your cycling computer. We still encourage guests to try one guided tour while on holiday to better learn our territory and not worry about where to ride, while having an enjoyable time with our local, professional guides who add much to your Italian cycling experience.

13. I would ride myself around Lake Como, is it possible? Do you provide maps or GPS?

Our Cycling Manager and guides at the bike shop can provide information on routes to ride, including maps. For a fee we can provide GPS files to load on your cycling computer.

14. What is the weather like in Lake Como?

Lake Como experiences four distinct seasons. The spring is beautiful with cooler weather and possibility of rain, but the lake is coming to life and is a lovely time of year to explore. There is less tourism and the roads are much quieter in the spring. By May the warmer weather is arriving and everyone has the Giro d'Italia fever and is excited to be out riding.
The summer months are the high season when many Italians and other visitors come to the lake to escape the heat of other regions. Our guides, however, know all the quiet roads and even better, all the best "gelato stops" to keep yourself cool and with plenty of energy. The riding is excellent in the summer, with long days although it can be very hot in the afternoon, which is a perfect time for a swim in the lake.
September and October are really wonderful with cooler temperatures and the excitement of the Giro di Lombardia. Sometimes the weather is hard to predict and not the same every year, we often have summer-like weather to the end of October! Like the spring, the roads are quieter and the changing leaves on the mountains are beautiful.
We still ride in the winter, which typically stays above freezing because of the temperate nature of the lake. There can be periods of snow up higher on the hills, even at Hotel Il Perlo!

15. I stay in Como/Menaggio/Varenna..., can you deliver bike at my hotel/apartment?

Yes we deliver bikes all over the lake and the region. Bike delivery is free if you stay in Bellagio, and will have a cost if you stay out of Bellagio. Just contact Enrica to plan your bike rental and delivery, she will let you know the cost of delivery and if you wish to avoid that cost you can always plan to reach Bellagio by bus or ferry, we will come and pick you up in Bellagio to take you to the shop and outfit you with all your equipment. Afterward we can drive you back to the ferry.

16. I only have a few hours free for riding, can we set a very early departure?

Our Daily Group Rides leave the shop at 9:30am every morning, occassionally at 9am if there is a ferry to catch. If you would like an earlier departure we can arrange a Custom Tour to accommodate your needs or you can collect the bike the late afternoon of the day before rental upon pre agreement with bike staff

17. I stay in Milano and would love to ride Ghisallo, can you help me?

If you stay in Milano and would like to ride Ghisallo or Sormano you can easily take a train from Milano Centrale to Varenna and a ferry to Bellagio. Trip takes less than 2 hours and it is a beautiful fast way to get to Lake Como. We can pick you up at the ferry, bring you to the shop, outfit you with your equipment, and get you riding in no time.

18. My family doesn't ride, what can they do?

Bellagio and Lake Como are very famous destinations so providing multiple attractions to anyone. The area is famous for its Villas and Gardens, Bellagio is a cute small village full of romantic atmospheres and medieval corners, the lake is a very nice natural swimming pool from June to September so many water activities can be planned: just let us know your desires and we will do our best to give you all suggestions to make your family happy while you are riding.

19. Do you have bike panniers?

We do not rent bike pannier bags and our road bikes do not have bike pannier racks. However our leisure e-bikes do have a rear pannier rack that bags could be attached to.

20. Do you have baby seat?

Our roads are not dangerous, but at the same time we discourage riding with small children on the busy roads. There are, however, quiet and flat cycling paths that are ideal for families and upon request we have e-bikes where seats can be set for kids.

21. I would like to explore the area by bike but I am not a good climber, do you have suggestions?

There are many ways to enjoy Lake Como by bicycle without needing to be a “good” climber, but we hope you come to find that anyone can enjoy the views and inland roads at any pace.
1) There are many enjoyable rides that have gentle climbs that are not steep or long and you can take your time riding to the top. The views along the way are always worth it! Our guides are excellent at encouraging everyone to enjoy the ride without feeling bad about how slow they might feel. You may surprise yourself with how well you do!
2) Along the perimeter of the lake are routes that are mostly flat or have small rolling hills. These are a great way to see the terrain and views of the lake.
3) Try one of our e-bikes. Assisted pedaling is in our opinion the future of riding and cycle-touring. Our e-bikes give you all the power you need for the climbs in our area. Their batteries do have some hours limit depending on how much power you use before being empty, but they will allow you to enjoy some of the nearby harder climbs. Contact us and test one of our e-bikes: you will discover a new world!

22. I would like to stop for lunch along the ride, do you have suggestions?

All routes are mapped with possible stops along the way to have food. We have selected some local restaurants providing good local food and some of them are even offering us special rates.

23. What does it mean becoming a member of ComoLagoBike ASD? What are the benefits?

ComoLagoBike ASD is an Italian Sport Association with the mission to provide cycling services to guests who would like to explore the beauty of riding on the roads of Lake Como. ComoLagoBike is a "non-profit" business. All income and revenue are re-invested to make the cycling experience better: we buy new bikes, we help community mantaining MTB trails, we support Ghisallo Museum activities and more. So when you purchase one of our services, 5 euros goes back to our ASD and you become a member of ComoLagoBike helping to reinvest in its future. 

24. If I buy your cycling kit online can you ship it to me?

If you are interested in buying our cycling kit we can ship it all over the world. The cost of delivery will be calculated by the shipping company and you will be advised for approval before receiving payment request for the kit and shipping.

25. Do you provide insurance?

On bike rental you can choose to add a fee of Euro 15,00 which is an insurance covering damages that could occur at the bike. Without purchasing the insurance you are responsible for any damages to the bike while under your care as described in the rental contract. Third party civil responsability is covered already if you are staying at the Hotel il Perlo Panorama.

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