Frequently Asked Questions Lake Como by bike

This is a compiled set of answers to questions that commonly arise when planning a ride on Lake Como. For more up-to-the-minute and interactive questions and answers, you can email ComoLagoBike

1. Can I rent the bike or join a group tour if I am not guest at Hotel il Perlo panorama?

Yes of course, Comolagobike is partner of hotel il perlo panorama but offers its services to all and provides a shuttle service from Bellagio to the bike shop.

2. What do you provide with bike rental?

Quotation includes: helmet, bottle, puncture kit, lights and locker and flat pedals for trainer

3. Do you have pedals?

We use to suggest to bring your own pedals but we rent look keo and shimano spd, spd sl upon request.

4. If I go for a long ride and have problems to get back how can I do?

On booking you will get our mobile contact for any last minute matters, call us and we will either help you to come back on self arrangements or provide a shuttle with a fee depending on distance.

5. Is there parking at the Bike Shop? Can I leave the car while riding?

Yes, Hotel il perlo panorama offers free parking place to Comolagobikers.

6. If I come without a car how do I reach the bike shop?

Upon preagreement ComoLagobike offers free shuttle service from Bellagio center to bike shop, also hotel Il perlo panorama has a shuttle service that can be used by ComoLagoBikers with a fee of 2 euros per person. Hotel shuttle runs 7/7 daily at 9,30 am - 3,30 pm - 6,45 pm from Bar Carillon in Bellagio (facing car ferry pier).

7. I am worried about the trafic: is it dangerous riding there?

Traffic is not a real issue on our roads except on Sunday or during local holidays we provide suggestions on roads and itineraries that skip the busy areas. Our guide at bike shop will assist you with tips and tricks.

8. Can I leave my shoes and clothes at the bike shop while riding?

Yes of course we will take care of your gears and shoes during your riding time.

9. Can I have a shower after ride?

Yes of course with a fee of euro 5,00 you will get a private spot to shower with towels and soap.

10. Can I have food on return of the rides?

Yes of course, Hotel il perlo panorama offers a post ride snack on the terrace with a buffet carbo+protein with soft drinks at euro 15,00 per person. Advance booking on service reservation will allow you to get the buffet at euro 10,00 per person.

11. How do I book the group tour or other services?

Send an email to to secure your ride or pop in or call directly bike shop for last minute booking at +39 031 950229.

12. I would love to ride Ghisallo and Sormano, can I do it myself or do I need a guide?

Ghisallo and Sormano are very famous rides and anyone can of course ride on his own on these climbs. Our cycling manager and guides will be happy to give all tips and tricks to ride them and all over the lake. We use to suggest guided tours to let anyone enjoy the territory and the rides with a nicer perspective avoiding worries about “where to go”.

13. I would ride myself around Lake Como, is it possible? Do you provide maps or GPS?

Our cycling manager and guides at the bike shop will be happy to give you all needed informations to enjoy riding around lake Como and will give you maps to help you finding your preferred road. We have GPS for rent of course with all the itineraries already set on it.

14. I use to ride myself with my Garmin, can I have routes to download on my garmin?

We mapped all our suggested itineraries (and more) and we will be happy to share with you joininig our groups or renting a bike or having any of our services. At the bike shop of course we will download on your Garmin all routes selected together with our cycling manager.

15. I stay in Como/Menaggio/Varenna..., can you deliver bike at my hotel/apartment?

Yes we deliver bikes all over the lake and the region. Bike delivery is free if you stay in Bellagio, will have a cost if you stay out of Bellagio. Just contact Enrica to plan your bike rental and delivery, she will let you know the cost of delivery.
And if you wish to avoid that cost you can always plan to reach Bellagio by bus or ferry, we will come and pick you up in Bellagio and of course drive you back after ride.

16. I only have a few hours free for riding, can we set a very early departure?

Of course we can set special departures earlier than usual if you wish. Consider that our daily group tours are organized to be about 3 hours ride with return around 2 PM at latest. This to let anyone enjoy a ride and at the same time get back early enough to spend romantic times on the lake with partners...
As always contact our bike booking manager: Enrica will be pleased to organize your riding day at the best.

17. I stay in Milano and would love to ride Ghisallo, can you help me?

If you stay in Milano and would like to ride Ghisallo or Sormano you can easily take a train from Milano Centrale to Varenna and a ferry to Bellagio. Trip takes less than 2 hours and it is a beautiful fast way to get to Lake Como.
Contact our booking manager Enrica: she will be happy to organize your trip to Bellagio, the bike shop and return.

18. My family doesn't ride, what can they do?

Bellagio and Lake Como are very famous destinations so providing multiple attractions to anyone. The area is famous for its Villas and Gardens, Bellagio is a cute small village full of romantic atmospheres and medieval corners, the lake get to be a very nice natural swimming pool from June to September so may water activities can be planned: just let us know your desires and we will do our best to give you all suggestions to make your family happy while you are riding.

19. Do you have bike paniers?

We have SuzyBikes, 5 EBikes with bike paniers so if you plan a soft riding along the lake we use to suggest you these bikes fully equipped to ride around without needing to carry backpacks!

20. Do you have baby seat?

We don’t have baby seats. Our roads are not dangerous but at the same time we discourage bringing children around.
We have of course suggested itineraries with cycling pahts safe and ideal for families and on demand we have a partner who is available to organize time to spend with kids on a bike.
Contact our booking manager: Enrica will be happy to help you organizing your family day.

21. I would like to explore the area by bike but I am not a good climber, do you have suggestions?

Want to ride around the lake but worried about climbs? Get an ebike – Assisted pedaling is on our opinion the future of riding. Ebiking is a different riding experience but believe, this is absolutely riding: if you don’t spin your legs bikes are not moving.
Contact us and test one of our Bottecchia ebikes: you will discover a new world!

22. I would like to stop for lunch along the ride, do you have suggestions?

All routes are mapped with possible stops along the way to have food. We have selected some local restaurants providing good local food and some of them are even offering us special rates: just contact booking manager or ask cycling manager or guides and we will be happy to help you with this "energy issue".

23. What does it mean becoming a member of ComoLagoBike ASD? What are the benefits?

ComoLagoBike ASD is a Sport Association with the main subject to provide cycling experience services to people coming in the area to explore the beauty or riding on the roads of Lake Como.
ComoLagoBike is NOT a company making business. All incomes and revenues are always re-invested in making the cycling experience getting better: we buy new bikes, we help community mantaining MTB trails, we support Ghisallo Museum activities.
All of the staff are involved into the ComoLaboBike project as semi volounteer partners and live the experience not as a Business where to make money but as a sharing experience.
So becoming a member of ComoLagoBike you are becoming a part of our group!

24. If I buy on line one of your cycling kit, can you deliver them?

If you are interested in buying our cycling kit we can of course delivery them all over the world. The cost of delivery will be calculated by the delivery company and you will pay separately the kit and delivery.
Remind though that we are a Sport Association. Buying our services or  products always means you become a member of the Association, so we will have to ask you subscription which is included in the rate.

25. Do you provide insurance?

On bike rental you can choose to add a fee of Euro 15,00 which is an insurance covering damages that could occur at the bike.
This insurance will cover bike damages and it is an extra cost.
Third party civil responsability is covered already if you are staying at the Hotel il Perlo panorama.

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