This is a set of answers to questions that commonly arise when planning a ride on Lake Como.
For more detailed and interactive questions and answers, you can write to ComoLagoBike at this email address:

1. What comes with bike rental?

Helmet, water bottle, puncture repair kit, lights, bike lock in case of stops.

2. Do you have pedals?

Yes, we have road pedals Look Keo and Shimano SPD-SL, and Shimano SPD MTB on request.

3. If I come without a car, how do I get to the bike rental shop?

No problem, you can find us in front of the ferry station (passengers/cars).

4. I am worried about traffic: is it dangerous to ride on Lake Como?

Traffic is not a real problem on our roads except on Sundays or during local holidays where the lake roads can become very crowded with cars and motorcycles. Our guides are expert in knowing which road to take every day depending on traffic or other local events. Some visitors believe that motorists in Italy approach cyclists as they pass, but drivers here are overall much safer and more patient.

5. Can I leave my shoes and clothes at the bike rent while I'm out for the ride?

Yes, of course we will store your personal belongings safely during your cycling time.

6. How can I book a group tour or other services?

There are several options: 1) Send an e-mail to,, 2) Online booking from this website, 3) Go directly to the bicycle shop, 4) Call the bike shop at 0039 346 6442060 or whatsapp at 0039 346 6442060

7. I would like to cycle along Como Lake, is it possible? Do you provide maps or GPS?

Our Cycling Manager and bike shop guides can provide information about the routes and provide you the suggested maps. For a fee we can also provide GPS files to be uploaded to your cyclocomputer.

8. What's the weather like on Como Lake?

Lake Como has four distinct seasons. Spring is beautiful with cooler weather and the chance of rain, but the gardens on the lake are flourishing and it’s a nice time of year to explore the area. There is also less tourism and the streets are quiet in the spring. By May the warmest weather arrives and everyone has the "Giro d'Italia fever" and it is exciting to be here cycling. The summer months are the high season when many Italians and other visitors come to the lake to escape the heat of other regions. Our guides, however, know all the quiet streets and even better, all the best ice cream stops to keep you fresh and with a lot of energy. Morning rides are excellent in summer, with its long days and although it can be very hot in the afternoon, it will be a perfect time for a swim in the lake. September and October are really wonderful with cooler temperatures and the excitement of the "Giro di Lombardia". Sometimes the weather is hard to predict and it is not the same every year, often we have summer time until the end of October! As in spring, the streets are quiet and the colourful leaves on the mountains are beautiful. It is possible to cycle even in winter, as generally the temperature remains well above zero thanks to the temperate nature of the lake.

9. I stay in Como/Menaggio/Varenna/Bellano/Mandello/Lecco... can you deliver your bike directly to my hotel/apartment?

Yes, we deliver bikes all over the lake. The delivery of the bike is free if you stay in Bellagio, and will have a cost if you stay outside Bellagio. If you want to avoid that cost you can always plan to reach Bellagio by bus or ferry. At the end of the ride we will take you back to the bus or the ferry.

10. I only have a few free hours to pedal, can we set a departure very early?

Our group tours usually starts for 10:00 from the Bike Shop, via Lungo Lario Manzoni (in front of arrival of the ferry passengers/cars), in warmer periods is anticipated at 9:30 and on request also at 8:30.

11. I stay in Milan and I would like to climb the Ghisallo, can you help me?

If you are staying in Milan and you would like to ride on the Ghisallo or Sormano you can take a train from Milano Centrale to Varenna and a ferry to Bellagio. The trip takes less than 2 hours and is a nice quick way to reach Lake Como. You can pick up your bike at the Bike rent, equip yourself and set off for your ride.

12. My family doesn’t cycle, what can they do?

Bellagio and Lake Como are very popular destinations because they offer many attractions suitable for all tastes. The area is famous for its Villas and Gardens, Bellagio is a cute little village full of romantic atmospheres and medieval corners, the lake is a beautiful natural pool from June to September and many water activities can be planned: Let us know your wishes and we will do our best to give you all the tips to make your family happy while you are cycling.

13. Do you have a child seat?

Yes, we have child seats for bikes.

14. I would like to explore the area by bike but I am not a good climber, do you have any suggestions?

There are many ways to enjoy Como Lake by bike without the need to be a "good" climber, and we hope to show you that anyone can enjoy the views and inner streets at any pace. 1) There are many pleasant routes that have gentle climbs and are not steep or long and you can take your time to reach the top. The views along the way will show that it is always worth it! Our guides are excellent at encouraging everyone to enjoy the ride without feeling guilty about how slow you think you are. You can be surprised to discover how much good you can do! 2) Along the perimeter of the lake there are paths that are mostly flat or have small rolling hills. These are a great way to see the territory and enjoy the view of the lake. 3) Try one of our e-bikes. Pedaling assistance is in our opinion the future of cycling tourism. Our e-bikes give you all the power you need for the big climbs in our area. The batteries have a range limit of several hours depending on how much power you use, and will allow you to enjoy some of the toughest climbs nearby. Contact us and try one of our e-bikes or Bottecchia: you will discover a new world!

15. I’d like to stop along the way for lunch, do you have any suggestions?

All routes are mapped with possible stops along the way to recharge energy and appreciate the local food. We have selected some typical restaurants that provide good local food, with some of them we have established relationships that ensure our cyclists discounted rates.

16. If I buy your cycling kit online can you send it to me?

If you are interested in buying our cycling kit, we can ship it all over the world. The cost of delivery will be calculated by the shipping company

17. Do you provide insurance?

We give you the possibility of an optional insurance (cost €.10.00) on the rental contract, which ensures possible damage to the bicycle, without which you are responsible for any damage caused. In case of theft, the renter is fully responsible and liable for the refund of the value of the rented bicycle (see contract).