Cycling route along the Adda River, Italy

Adda River Bike Path: Leonardo Da Vinci’s ferry-boat

A Tranquil Path of Nature and History



A Tranquil Path of Nature and History

Friday Tour
Not everyone knows that Leonoardo da Vinci extensively visited and studied the Lake Como area, especially Lecco and the emissary Adda River of the Lake. The city of Lecco sits between the Lake and its many mountains, which were praised by the famous poet of Lecco, Manzoni. Thus, a gorgeous bike path begins in Lecco, where the Adda River flows into the Lake. The path mostly follows the river and is constantly immersed in nature, allowing you to witness the still present works of art of Da Vinci along the way. There are several other works of art to see along the way that were built during the Industrial Revolution, like the industrial city Crespi d’Adda, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Level of difficulty: Easy-Hard, depending on how far you go. It is possible to return to Lecco by train if you ride all the way to Milan. We suggest to ride a minimum of 27km along the path, that are entirely flat. Guide recommended.

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