Bike Tour of San Genesio

Tour of San Genesio

Starting point: Galbiate
Length: km 31
Slope: m 1.044
Travel time: 2 hours and an half
Highest altitude: m 937
Difficulty level: medium

A trail climbing up the sides of the Brianza hills, which mirror the much taller Alpine foothills and put even the most seasoned biker to the test.
Leave your car on the outskirts of Galbiate (370) and follow the paved road climbing up towards Colle Brianza. At the first bend of the road, follow the signs to Mozzana until you reach the village. Take the paved road until it ends, and then turn onto the uphill path entering the woods. At the end of the hill, turn right onto a steep path and take the highly enjoyable single-trek.
Once past the cement bridge, turn right and keep going until your reach a field. Follow the path until the village of Villa Vergano. Continue downhill until you cross the SP 58, turn left, and keep going until you reach the fork to Consonno. Climb up to the hamlet and, ignoring the signs to the Cascina Figina, continue travelling along the paved road for another kilometre. A path taking you to Monte Crocione begins right after the left-hand turn. This part of the trail - containing a number of easily surmountable inclines at the beginning - also contains a series of pebbled tracts which will put even the most expert biker to the test.
At this point you will reach a crossroads. Travel down the main cart road, following the signs to San Genesio. Keep going in the same direction until you reach the paved road which will take you to the small church of San Nicola. Turn onto the first street on your left after entering the hamlet of Scerizza (698 m). This road will almost immediately turn into a path. After crossing the paved road, follow the flat path on the left. Once you reach Giovenzana (650m) cycle down Via Manzoni, which will take you to Cagliano (640 m) in just a few minutes. Turn onto the sloping Via San Genesio and keep pedalling until you reach the parking lot under the Ristoro degli Alpini (937 m). This is where the return leg of the journey back to Galbiate begins. Follow the trail marked no. 1. In some places, where the trail travels along the ridge line, take one of the alternative routes passing a couple of meters beneath it. This will take you back onto the road from the small church of San Nicola. Turn left and take the path next to the large boulder.
Now follow the trail back to the paved road to Consonno. Once you reach the village, turn right and climb uphill for a few hundred meters until you find trail no. 1 on your left. This is the last part of the route, which, with an exhilarating downhill run, will take you back to Villa Vergano (570 m). Once you reach the end of the unpaved part of the trail, cross the village and take the road connecting Colle Biranza to Galbiate.

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