Panoramic bike route in Lombardy

Lago del Segrino - Cornizzolo - Lago del Segrino

Starting point: Lake Segrino
Length: Km 20
Slope: m 770
Travel time: 2 ½ / 3 hours
Highest altitude: m 1.190
Difficulty level: medium

A panoramic itinerary of Brianza and the Lariano Triangle with a long, satisfying downhill section providing full payback for all of the effort made during the uphill climb.
The itinerary starts in Lake Segrino, where you will find an abundance of parking areas. The first part of our route follows the bank of Lake Segrino on a paved road and gives you the chance to warm up properly. Once you reach the hamlet of Longone al Segrino, take the road to Monte Cornizzolo (follow the signs). Here, you will find the beginning of a long, steep climb (a little less than eight kilometres in length) on a completely paved road that is partly closed to motor traffic. It will take you to the SEC (Società Escursionisti Civatesi) “Marisa Consiglieri” (1,092 m) Alpine refuge at the foot of Monte Cornizzolo. Both the itinerary and its end point offer travellers panoramic views of Lake Annone, Lake Pusiano and Lake Alserio, and feature several paragliding launch points on Monte Cornizzolo. These foot-launched aircrafts pepper the skies on clear days.
Keep cycling along the only dirt road here, which is first level and then becomes slightly uphill, and ends under the Monte RAI relay antenna. Do not follow any other signs. From here, a short, level and easy to travel path towards “La colma” will take you to Sasso Malascarpa. At this point, leave the level trail and make your way downhill for a few meters on your left (carrying your bike). Continue on travelling down this tricky route for approximately one kilometre. The jagged crest offers breathtaking views, both towards Monte Barro and towards Monte San Primo. You will be able to get back on your bike as the trail – even if downhill – makes its way into a striking broad-leaved forest, right before reaching “La colma”. From “la colma”, turn left in Val Ravella in the direction of Terz’Alpe Grasso. The path - always downhill - can be cycled in its entirety, even if it can become challenging at times.
At Terz’Alpe Grasso (790 m), you will find a rest area. From here, follow the wide mule track down to Fonti di Gajum, as you travel across Second’Alpe and Prim’Alpe on a speedy, exhilarating path (watch out for hikers). Once you reach Gajum (465 m), the itinerary continues on a paved road. Turn right once you reach the town centre of Canzo to take Provincial Road 41. After leaving Canzo, cycle down Provincial Road 41 to Lake Segrino and make your way back to the parking lot from there.
Alternative routes: alternatively, you can also take the mule track from Gajum to Terz’Alpe. Furthermore, the trail to Visino, near Valbrona, can also be travelled from above Terz’Alpe. Notes: Sasso Malascarpa is part of the eponymous Nature Reserve. It is famed for its carbonic sedimentary rock formations, shaped during the Mesozoic era (orogenesis movements that led to the formation of the Alps) and contain numerous marine fossils.

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