Cycling route in the sunny hills of Brianza

Curone Park

Starting point: Montevecchia
Length: km 25
Slope: m 500
Travel time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Highest altitude: m 615
Difficulty level: medium

A circular route with a series of uphill and downhill climbs, this trail is particularly interesting from an environmental point of view since it crosses fields and vines, farms, home - steads and brickyards - reflecting the ancient tastes and works of the farming communities inhabiting the Brianza countryside.
The Montevecchia sports field is the trail’s staring point. Follow the road until it crosses the SP 54, then turn left towards Missaglia. Turn right a few metres after the traffic lights and follow the signs to the Cascina Casarigo. Once past the dip in the road, you will reach the Cascina Ostizza (284 m) - keep going in the direction of the farmhouse hotel.
Right before the road becomes paved and steep, take the small path on your left. Climb up the short, steep incline and leave the woods riding through the rows of vines. The trail, after passing the Cascina Vertaggera, re-enters the woods and slopes again downhill on a white road which will take you back to the SP 54. Turn right and keep going down the provincial road for approximately 200 m. After you’ve passed the piazza, take the unpaved road at the end of the sharp turn to the right. The road ends after the Cascina Albareda (295 m). Here, you must take the path furthest on the left, which will take you to the Cascina Oliva (310 m). Carrying on down the main path, once you’ve left the woods, you’ll reach Pianetta, where you will continue downhill skirting a restaurant. At the end of the descent, turn right, and after crossing another wood, continue along the path until you reach the paved road in Valle Santa Croce. You will find it right behind a sharp right hand turn. As the trail continues, it will pass next to an old kiln. On your left, after a bend in the road to the right, you will see a wooden gate barring access to motor vehicles. Circle it on the right and begin your uphill climb. A series of hairpin turns will take you to the panoramic road running along the entire length of the ridge of the Curone Park. Turn left where it ends (420 m).
After a few hundred metres of level ground, the road once again becomes paved and upwards-sloping. Leave the main road once you’ve reached Lissolo (615 m). Turn left in front of a restaurant. Once you’ve reached the fork on the road – near a paddock – keep left, taking the path running downhill. You will reach a crossroads after approximately 300 m – keep going on the main road (slightly on the right). The path continues downhill inside the woods until it reaches a new fork. Keep left and keep riding for another 150 m approximately. At this point, keep right on the almost level path for another 300 m and then turn left. After two short, steep slopes you will find an enjoyable single-trek. Turn left at the fork in the road and follow the trail down until the paved road to Lissolo, where you will turn right. At this point the trail once again climbs uphill until the beginning of the path on the left, which after passing a convent, once again slopes downhill until the lower Cascina Bernaga (440 m). Back on the paved road; turn left and keep going until you reach a small uphill climb at a crossroads. Here, keep going straight down the downhill-sloping road for a few hundred more metres. Turn left onto Via Campo near the left hand curve. Halfway down the road the paving will turn into asphalt - requiring you to be more careful. Turn right at the end of the road and keep going downhill until you reach a paved road. Turn right at the end of the road near the stop sign, taking another pebbled path with a very steep uphill climb at its end.
Once you’ve reached the Monte cemetery (376 m) keep going on a paved road until you reach the crossing, where you will see the village church on your left. Keep riding towards Spiazzo. When you reach Spiazzo, turn left onto the first path. After riding around the hill with the three cypresses, take the first path on your right leading into the vineyard. Although this first part of the track is rather level, it is soon followed by a very steep track which will take you to Pianello (451 m). Turn left onto the unpaved downhill trail which cuts through the Cascina Ratta, Cascina Scarpata (370 m) and the Cascina Costa. Turn left after the latter and cut across the courtyards of the Cascina Galbusera Nera and Cascina Galbusera Bianca (346 m).
After a few metres, you will once again find a paved road. Turn right, and after a group of houses, turn left onto an enjoyable single-trek which will take you up to the Fornace superiore (295 m). Crossing through the Fornace court, take the paved road towards Cascina Bagaggera, and after 200 m turn onto the path on your right cutting through the wooded area. The trail now continues straight ahead until it reaches the Curone stream. Keep going straight. After a series of fords which can be crossed by bridge (on foot only), the path will take you to Molinazzo (252 m). Turn back onto the state road and ride for approximately 200 m until you reach a pedestrian crossing. Turn left and take the unpaved road back to the sports field.

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