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Brianza Hills

Medium road route



Medium road route

Ride distance: 60 km
​Elevation gain: 1000 m

Start from Lecco and immerse yourself in new surroundings - the lush green rolling Brianza Hills. This range is found on the south end of the Lake Como triangle, geographically known as the territorial divide between the Po River valley to the south, and the Pre-Alps to the north.


This cycling tour is recommended for those who are looking to try something different than the classic routes around Lake Como itself. The terrain is rolling hills and gentle climbs with almost a Tuscan-like landscape in comparison to Lake Como's big climbs and high craggy mountains. In the Brianza you will find vineyards and olive groves and unimpeded views all the way to Milan. Come discover why this is the playground to many of our guides!


Brianza Hills: Brianza Hills


For those looking for additional endurance mileage, the ride can begin in Bellagio taking the flat lakeside road to and from Lecco. This will add approximately 38 extra kilometers round trip.


This ride is perfect for: Recreational cyclists interested in discovering new routes and expanding their knowledge of the Lake Como area.

Brianza Hills: Immagine 1
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