Lake of Lugano by bike

Lake of Lugano - hard route

Hard road route

Hard road route

Ride distance: 85 km
​Elevation gain: 1400 m

Start and end with a ferry ride along the Bellagio-Cadenabbia or Bellagio/Menaggio track, to get to the Western branch of the lake…where you’ll venture into Switzerland! The Lake Como area is always associated with the Italian part of Switzerland, especially the city of Lugano and it’s own famous lake.
They’re culture and scenery is very similar, although divided by a historical border. In the past, this border was crossed by Italian smugglers, as illegal sales were their only option for survival.
Today these smuggling stories remain a part of the past, but the roads and towns have remained the same. The pleasant roads around the two incredible lakes and the arduous ones in the connecting valleys can be seen as a metaphor of the past.
The natural beauty you will encounter on this route is unique and unforgettable; a guide is recommended.

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