Into the Wild: on the routes of Northern Italy by bike

Into the Wild

Hard road route



Hard road route

Ride distance: 81 km
​Elevation gain: 2340 m

For more information: Click on the map below to go to its interactive map with highlights of the tour and to download the GPX.


For those who have met the challenges of the Ghisallo, the Muro di Sormano, and the passes to Switzerland and are looking for that next big ride, we recommend this as your next adventure in Lake Como. We call it Into the Wild because it takes you to some of the most remote roads, passes, and hidden valleys of Lake Como. Winding through the Valvarrone valley and over Passo Agueglio, you'll enjoy climbs through small villages surrounded by dense forest, and be rewarded with panoramic views of the lake and descents leading to caffe stops to fuel the rest of your adventure.

Into the Wild: Immagine 3


Your adventure begins with a ferry ride from Bellagio to Varenna, then a warmup along the lake to Dervio where we turn up and inland - Into the Wild! The next 21 kilometers you will find yourself climbing further and deeper into the forests dotted with ancient villages, each turn a new view of the valley and postcard perfect. The road will be gradual at times, but like many climbs in Lake Como, there will be stiffer pitches to face. Hopefully you will be so enamoured with your surroundings that your legs will stay quiet and ready for more. After rising over 700 meters you will enjoy the rewards of the descent into the Valsassina valley and can stop for refreshments before tackling the second big climb, Passo Agueglio.


Into the Wild: Passo Agueglio


Climbing out of the Valsassina valley and up the backside of Passo Agueglio, you may not immediately recognize the rewards of such a steep climb. It is 9 kilometers and over 700 meters of gain, with steep pitches at times while you are surrounded by thick forest, but keep going! Soon you will make the turn and see Lake Como far below and once cresting the Passo Agueglio you will have a smile as wide and beautiful as our lake. Complimenti! Continue along the ridge, seeing small villages and even their cows out in the pasture. It is all downhill from here back to Varenna and the ferry.


This ride is perfect for: Cyclists with high fitness levels for long steep climbs who will stop to enjoy the views! Due to the remoteness of the area a guide is highly recommended.

Note: A ferry is required both ways for this ride so allow for extra time and money for the crossings.


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