Lagone cycling route


Epic road route



Epic road route

Ride distance: 162 km
​Elevation gain: 1800 m

For more information: Click on the map below to go to its interactive map with highlights of the tour and to download the GPX.


Lake Como is incredably diverse, from the vineyards in the southern Briana Hills, to the high alpine mountains, and of course the cool waters lapping against the shore. There are villages that are flocked to by tourists for the finest shopping and eating, and those that rarely see anyone outside of their town boundary. How do you incorporate all that Lake Como embodies at once? By bike of course - a tour of the whole lake!


The northern branch of Lake Como and the Alps

The Lagone ride is what the locals refer to as their cycling tour of the lakeside roads that cover the whole perimeter of Lake Como. It is often done as a ritual on New Year's Day, but any day is perfect for this endurance ride in the saddle. You will reach the farthest corners of Lake Como, including the beautiful - and flat! - northern shore that cycling tourists rarely explore. This area takes you flush against the foothills of the Alps and the River Adda that pours its icy mountain water into Lake Como.


Cycling all around Lake Como


You can observe up close the differences between the two largest towns, Como and Lecco, and the natural diversity between the east and western lake branches. Why do villas with lush gardens occur on one side but rarely on the other? You will have plenty of time to ponder and discuss with your guide. And don't forget that your tour of this geographically diverse area includes the equally diverse caffès along the way. This is a perfect opportunity to fuel your ride with some of the best food and drink stops found along the whole lake. 

This ride is perfect for: Active cyclists with great endurance and a sense of adventure

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