Valsassina: on the mountains of Lombardy by bike

Valsassina cycle route



Starting point: Chiusa della Valsassina
Ride distance: 13km
Elevation gain: 92m


This trail is ideal for the entire family. A blissful cycle on a safe, specially designed route that allows travelers to admire the mountains of Valsassina and discover some of the most beautiful and well-hidden corners of the Pioverna River.

The ride begins at the so-called “Chiusa” of the Valsassina, the area bordering the rocky sides on the outskirts of the valley, before it reaches the village of Introbio near the bridge on the Pioverna river. A large sign will point you towards the cycle route on the left-hand side of the river. The route winds down the bank of the Pioverna and will take you to the village of Prato San Pietro/Cortenova. The entire cycle route is paved and easy to travel on.


This ride is perfect for: Families, e-bikes, picnics, swims in the river during the hotter months of the year, visits to local markets that make products originating in the fertile Valsassina valley such as the Carozzi family formaggeria.


Valsassina cycle route: Valsassina
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