Onno and Ghisallino: the beauty of Lake Como

Onno and Ghisallino

Easy road route



Easy road route

Ride distance: 35 km
​Elevation gain: 700 m

For more information: Click on the map below to go to its interactive map with highlights of the tour and to download the GPX.


​If there is one ride to do on Lake Como, this is the one. The Ghisallino loop is a short, but perfect way to see the best of Lake Como, from the breeze blowing off the shimmering lake waters to the tranquil alpine villages in the high Triangolo Lariano hills. Your bike is the perfect method for "slow travel". Ride through colorful villages, stop at a lakeside beach and dip your toes, wander through a medieval village for their fresh gelato of the day, and cap it off with a stop to the Madonna del Ghisallo chapel where the Patron Saint of Cyclists has been protecting travelers for centuries. Relax at the views of the pre-Alps and Grigne mountains from the Ghisallo park, and spend time at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum that houses thousands of historical cycling artifacts that even the most casual enthusiast will find fascinating. When you are ready to leave this enchanting area, it's all downhill as you ride along the ridgeline through more quiet villages, then descend the switchbacks to the front door of Hotel Il Perlo.


The terrain does have quite a bit of climbing, and while considered "Easy" on e-bikes, it does require more effort on a road bike and should be considered a "Medium" route when using that method.



This ride is perfect for: Casual and recreational and passionate cyclists, families, e-bikes, cultural and historical wanderings, and those who have always wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Ghisallo. '


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