Lakeside view in Onno, Italy


Bellagio to Onno



Bellagio to Onno

Ride distance: 25 km
​Elevation gain: 280 m

A relaxing ride that’s perfect for families or for those who are new to cycling and looking for a different kind of vacation adventure. The route is very simple and stays along the eastern arm of Lake Como, going from Bellagio to the village of Onno and back. The terrain is mostly flat, with a few small rolling hills near Bellagio. Along the way you will gaze at the high Grigne mountains, perhaps picking out some local fishermen catching our local lakefish, and even small sail boats in the breeze. A coffee break is recommended in Onno to enjoy the lakeside view, and if it is very warm, even dipping your toes in the cool lake water.

This ride is perfect for: Casual cyclists, families, e-bikes, and those who just got off a long plane flight and want to loosen up their legs with an easy spin.

Onno: Beach at Onno
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