Nesso and its picturesque houses on Lake Como, Italy


Easy road route



Easy road route

Ride distance: 30 km
​Elevation gain: 350 m

Beginning in Bellagio, you will ride the lakeside road on the western arm of Lake Como, which has more rolling hills than the others, but allows for up-close views of the colorful villages and churches impossibly perched on the hillsides. While riding along, the road will occasionally narrow as it winds through the villages, and you can understand how the road harks back to when it was built by the Romans 2,000 years ago, just wide enough for their chariots to ride up from the city of Como.

When you see the Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo belltower standing watch high above the lake, you will know that you have arrived in Nesso. A little farther down the road, you will undoubtedly hear the village's waterfall coming off the mountain and pouring through the Orrido di Nesso, the Nesso Gorge, visible along the roadside.


Nesso: Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo


If time permits, we recommend packing a pair of walking shoes to explore the natural beauty of this village as it seems built right onto the green hillside and ravine, covered in ferns, moss, and trees thriving with its watery surroundings. Traverse across its stone walkways and find peek-a-boo views of the lake. Make the effort to navigate the 340 steps down to the Ponte della Civera, the famous stone bridge at the bottom of the gorge well known to fans of film maker, Alfred Hitchcock, where he shot the honeymoon scene in his film, The Pleasure Garden (1925).


Nesso: Nesso Gorge


This ride is perfect for: Casual cyclists, recreational cyclists, e-bikes, historical and cultural wanderings, and those looking to spin their legs after a long plane flight.

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