En easy cycling trail down the bank of the river Adda in Lombardy

Along the Adda - North Adda Park

Starting point: Olginate
Lenght: km 30 round trip
Slope: m 120
Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Highest altitude: m 235
Difficulty level: easy

A trail devoid of technical passages and which does not require particular physical fitness. It is nonetheless highly enjoyable, as it accompanies bikers down the right bank of the Adda. Various different species of water birds, beautiful views of the Resegone and Grigne on one side and the green Brianza hills on the other can be all be admired along the route.
The Olginate sports field is the starting point of the trail. Ride down the main road until you reach the bank of the river, and keep going straight until you come to the blocked-off railway bridge. At this point the road becomes unpaved and can only be travelled by foot or bike. Here, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the Grigne and Resegone reflected in the waters of the Adda. After skirting a few fields, you will reach the Village of Brivio (196 m). Its historical centre is dominated by a castle which, together with those in Lecco, Trezzo e Cassono, was part of the defences of the Adda.
Passing under the bridge connecting the Lecco side of the river with the Bergamo side, keep going down the paved road for a further few hundred meters. At this point the road will once again become unpaved and closed to traffic. Immersed in the green countryside, the trail will take you down the bank of the river, which is inhabited by many different species of aquatic birds. After a few kilometres you will reach Imbersago, where you will be able to catch a ferry to cross the river. Travelling southwards down the towpath; you will soon reach a large gorge housing the Robbiate dam (198 m). This is where the Leonardo Ecomuseum - a trail consisting of 14 different stops of cultural-historical significance - begins.
Soon afterwards you will reach the impressive iron bridge of Paderno d’Adda. Built in 1899, it connects the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo. The bridge is used on two different levels by both the rail and road traffic. Here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the canyon underneath the bridge from its height of 80 metres. The trail, which once again becomes paved, continues along to towpath until it reaches the Poiret dam (m 186) and turns right onto a pebbled uphill path. After a few meters, and halfway through a right-hand turn, take the path on your left, which, after a few ups and downs, skirts a small canal until it reaches Stallazo (177) - the Ecomuseum information centre. This is the southernmost point of our route.
Here we change direction and come back up towards the Poiret dam. Once you’ve reached the dam, take the same path you’ve travelled on the way down to return to your starting point.

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