En easy cycling trail down the bank of the river Adda in Lombardy

Along the Adda - North Adda Park



Starting point: Olginate
Lenght: 30km round trip
Slope: 120m
Difficulty level: easy

This ride takes you on a beautiful, tranquil dirt path along the bank of the Adda River, which flows out of Lake Como at the city of Lecco. The path is closed to cars and a wonderful way to enjoy the Northern Adda Park and its various different species of water birds that visit the slow moving waters and protective woodlands. On both sides of the river bank are views of the Resegone and Grigne mountains and green Brianza hills. The river and path go through several villages with important historical and cultural sites, such as the Leonardo Ecomuseum and the UNESCO world heritage site, Crespi d'Adda.

After beginning the ride in Olginate, one of the first stops is at the village of Brivio with its historical centre dominated by a castle. Together with the fortifications in Lecco, Trezzo, and Cassono, this castle was part of the many defences protecting the Adda River from invaders.

One of the most impressive features along the Adda is the iron bridge of Paderno d’Adda. Built in 1899, it connects the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo. The bridge is used on two different levels by both the rail and road traffic. Here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the canyon underneath the bridge from its height of 80 metres. 


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