Cycling tours with Alberto Elli in Lake Como

Meet Our Cycling Manager

Alberto Elli

The Lake Como region is rich not only in beauty and cycling history, but it is also the home of many renown and well-respected professional racers who grew up training on these roads and later to prepare for races all over the world.

Since we began guiding cycling guests in 2008 on Lake Como, ComoLagoBike has partnered with many of these professional racers who return to their home region after retirement and continue to enjoy riding by guiding our guests along the roads they love and know so well.

As we begin our 12th year we are excited to confirm to ComoLagoBike, the highly accomplished, former professional road cyclist and 4-time wearer of the Tour de France Yellow Jersey, Alberto Elli, who is our lead guide throughout the week to greet you at our shop and show you his home roads of Lake Como.

With the Yellow Jersey on your shoulders comes a life long respect from other racers, an honor granted on a small echelon of cyclists from the greatest race of over 100 years. In Italy, cycling's passion makes the Yellow Jersey even more revered and we are excited to have Alberto on our team and for him to be riding with you.

Alberto has been described as "One of the nicest guys I've ever ridden with." To him it is the joy of cycling and ensuring that each guest he rides with gets the most out of their time together - whether it is an easy cruise Onno Ghisallino or around the Lakeside Hills or making it up the Muro without putting a foot down.

Each day's ride begins with a review of his guest's goals and an eye for their bike fit. He'll ensure that your rental bike fits properly to give the optimum advantage while riding. Everyone gets his professional pre-ride assessment, allowing them to pedal free of worry with only the excitement of the adventure ahead.

Alberto has a wealth of knowlwedge to share with each guest, and most importantly the charisma that only an Italian professional cyclist can deliver. Come join us on one of our guided tours and experience the cycling of Lake Como like none other!

"Alberto...grazie, grazie, grazie. Your service and support through CLB was outstanding...from the set up of our brand new rental bikes, to your attention to detail. Top notch." - Louisboileau

"Cannot say enough how terrific Alberto was in making our experience the best it could be." - Geoff




"We can’t thank the team at ComoLagoBike enough for the awesome experience they provided for my father and I. Alberto was an incredible guide! He is very friendly and even more humble for someone who has achieved as much as he has in the cycling world... All in all the best experience of our two week holiday!" - A. Ciarrocchi

"I had a solo guided tour with Alberto Elli, he chose an excellent route that was challenging but did not kill me! His English is excellent and his local knowledge invaluable, the bike was very good, I would definitely book with him again and would highly recommend Alberto as a guide." - Nik

16 years a professional cyclist with the teams

1987 -  Remac Fanini

1988 - Seven Up Fanini

1990/1993 - Ariostea

1994 - MG GB Bianchi

1995/1996 - MG Technogym

1997/1998 - Team Casinò C’est Votrte Equipe

1999/2001 - Deutsche Telekom

2002 - Index Alexia

30 personal race victories including

Hofbrau Cup (GER)

2x Tour of Luxembourg 

Vuelta a Murcia (SPA) 

Tour de Wallonie (BEL) 

Trofeo dello Scalatore

Midi Libre (FRA)

Stage wins 

Vuelta al Pais Vasco

Bizikleta Basca 

2x Tour de France 

1x Giro d'Italia 

Trofeo Matteotti 

GP di Camaiore 

Podium Placings

1997 Milan-Sanremo - 2nd 

1998 Flèche Wallonne - 3rd 

1995 Wincanton Classic - 3rd 

1987 Italian Championship in Lissone - 2nd 

1997 Italian Championship Larciano - 3rd

1998 Italian Championship Bergamo - 3rd

1999 Italian Championship Arona - 3rd

Italian World Championship Team

1992 Benidorm (SPA)

1993 Oslo (NOR)

1994 Duitama (COL)

1996 Lugano (SVI)

Grand Tour Finisher

7x Giro d'Italia

1x Vuelta d'Espagna

11x Tour de France

Team Directeur Sportif

2004 Barloworld-Androni Giocattoli
2005 Barloworld-Valsir
2006 Endeka
2007 Kio Ene-Tonazzo 
2008 Preti Mangimi
2009 Isd-Neri 
2010/2013 Nippo De Rosa
2014 Christina Watches 
2015 Team Idea 

Teammates Including

Gianni Bugno, Moreno Argentin, Rolf Sorensen, Pascal Richard, Eric Zabel, Jan Ulrich and Paolo Savoldelli

Alberto Elli

ComoLagoBike’s founder and President, Luca Molteni, says of Alberto

"I have known Alberto for many years, since we were kids, although he is older by about ten years. We crossed by each other on the roads of Lake Como when he was already a professional and I was a kid with a great desire to get into the world of cycling greats.

He has always been a very serious person and framed in his work where training was the basis of his success. He has a great passion for cycling and sports in general, but above all a passion of his home region, the lake and the mountains and everything that surrounds him. Alberto will bring his infinite experience to ComoLagoBike, telling his stories and anecdotes of the world of cycling from his vast world-wide perspective. He will involve our guests with his skills by providing his advice and his ability to communicate with others with that gentle encouragement that we all appreciate."

Luca Molteni

Ready to meet Alberto? Here are a few questions to introduce him to you, then when you arrive he will be more than happy to share more stories during your ride together!


1. Where did you grow up in Italy and how did you become interested in cycling?

I was born in Italy in a little town called Giussano, about 25 km north of Milano in what’s known as the Brianza region just south of Lake Como. I grew up as all Italians boys did - playing soccer - but when I was 12 years old I discovered cycling because my father and uncle were managers in a local cycling team.

2. How long were you a professional and what were some of the highlights of your career?

I was pro rider for 16 years from 1987 to 2002. I won 30 races around the world, including a 2nd place in Milano-Sanremo, and 3rd place in Fleche Wallone. During my career I raced the Tour de France 11 times, and the most important moment in my career was in 2000 when I wore the Yellow Jersey. However, my biggest regret is never having won a stage in Tour de France. Twice I won the team time trial, but never a stage race. A few times I was 2nd and 3rd place, but I never won at the Tour.

Another highlight was at Milano-Sanremo in 1997 where I placed 2nd in a close sprint finish. It was an unexpected day because I have always hated this race, I found it too easy and flat (at nearly 300 km), I always preferred the hard-mountains races, but this day the 2nd place was a big surprise!

I raced in the Giro di Lombardia 10 times. It is a race that I've always liked; you race practically on the roads that I trained all year, but unfortunately I never managed to get in the top places because I arrived at the end of the season tired after a busy year. Even as an Italian, I never had a good relationship with the Giro d'Italia! I raced it on four occasions and I still got some good placements in the top five as well as winning a team time trial with the Ariostea team, but I preferred the Tour de France and often sacrificed the Italian race to better prepare for the French one.

I rode many races in 16 years as pro but my most special and exciting experience was when I twice rode an eight-stage MTB race in Australia called the Crocodile Trophy. For a week we rode in the outback, slept in a was the most difficult race I have ever done!

3. What activities do you enjoy doing now?

I am a cycling guide now, I guide cyclo-tourists on rides through Belgium, France, and Holland, and to race the Belgium classics. I spent the last two summers guiding at a resort in Sardinia. I have two sons Andrea, 26, and Simone, 21.

4. What are you exci­ted to bring to Como­LagoBike and the gue­sts who ride with yo­u? Do you have a fav­orite ride or place to visit in Lake Como?

I am very excited to join ComoLagoBike and to start this new adventure. I have been a guide in another role, but here I know very well what I will do. I like to ride bikes with the guests, to teach them skills and talk about cycling. My favorite place to ride in Lake Como is the Ghisallo and to see the church and museum. Around the lake we can see beautiful places, mountains, a lot of roads to's wonderful.

5. What is your favo­rite snack to eat or drink during a ride?

Regarding food, I don't like bars or energy drinks. I sometimes have to eat them, but when I can I prefer to get a big sandwich with a glass of Coke. Depending on the moment, such as riding fast and hard then bars are better, but when you stop by the lake in the sun.....what is better than a cold drink with sandwich or pizza?

6. Do you still have the stuffed lion toy from wearing the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France?

Of course! It is always moving with me !

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