Women's Cycling on the Muro di Sormano in Lake Como

Women's Cycling in Lake Como





A Supportive Environment for All Women

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are honoring all the women cyclists who travel to Bellagio on Lake Como to enjoy the supportive environment of ComoLagoBike and the “home away from home” atmosphere of Hotel Il Perlo. We often meet women who love cycling and have always wanted to travel to Italy, but they are not sure where to begin or if they even should. What kind of questions you ask – yes, Vai! The act of traveling to new places, whether as a seasoned or a neophyte traveler, can provide a huge boost of confidence, especially when a safe and supportive community awaits. Let us show you how to follow in the cleats of the other great women who arrive year after year for their Italian cycling holiday on Lake Como. 


Women's Cycling on the Muro di Sormano on Lake Como

Rides for All Women

What type of women ride with us? All kinds! Leisure cyclists, moms, and grandmothers on e-bikes; recreational cyclists who love to explore medieval villages and eagerly stop to take photos at the most scenic vistas; and women who crave stretching out of their comfort zone to see what their bodies and minds are truly capable of achieving. Regardless of which category you may be, your skills and fitness are not on display to be judged by yourself or others. Everyone is on a holiday to celebrate themselves and their dream of cycling in Italy. In our region you can challenge yourself on the long climbs of Il Lombardia or become blissfully distracted by a ride’s panoramic vista or even indulge in a village gelato shop along the way (because trust us the men certainly do). Hotel Il Perlo routinely hosts solo women travelers and ComoLagoBike always has women on their daily group rides and longer trips. They are just waiting for you to arrive!


Women's Cycling in Bellagio on Lake Como

Guided Group Tours

You are never the “odd wheel” on our group rides. You are the one they are envious of because of your independent spirit and self-confidence. The guides lead small, supportive groups where everyone sticks together and encourages each other. The group tours are “non-drop”. They are not training rides or races, but designed to show some of the best roads of Lake Como for 3-4 hours at a social pace.


Solo Women's Cycling in Bellagio on Lake Como

Learn New Skills and Confidence

One of the most phenomenal aspects of riding with our tours is how much more you accomplish during your time here, more than you ever thought was possible. Still intimidated by the idea of the terrain or unknown? The guides have the innate gift, as well as professional training, to read and know their clients, sometimes better than you know yourself. A cycling tour is a great way to gain confidence in your skills. Following the wheel of Alberto Elli, who was a professional racer at the highest level, will show you the optimal way to position yourself and ride your bike without letting your mind get in your way. Learn how to pedal steadily in a paceline; to climb smoothly and efficiently with both legs and breath; and to adjust your body position while descending to take the fastest lines instead of fearfully staying on the brakes through steep switchbacks. If you have always wanted to take your riding to another level, our guides can design a ride to discover the best you. And the best way to recover for tomorrow’s adventure? A sports massage in our wellness center!


Solo Women's Cycling at the Madonna del Ghisallo on Lake Como

Your Extended Italian Family

At the hotel you feel safe and looked after, embraced by your new extended Italian family. The staff members all speak Italian and English, while some even speak German, Spanish, French, and Flemish if you need, so your conversations never feel lost in translation. With Hotel Il Perlo’s “all inclusive” packages your meals at the hotel are included. Your mornings begin with the distant ringing of church bells around the lake and a full breakfast buffet to fuel your ride. But first, as they say, coffee!

After the morning group ride everyone is welcome to lunch together on Il Perlo’s scenic patio and regale the day’s adventures and plans for tomorrow. The camaraderie and laughter are infectious. The well-deserved beers and afternoon sunshine on the patio are the perfect way to bond. In the evening the hotel’s chef serves authentic local meals along with wine tasting to cap off living la dolce vita. Women cyclists are a cherished presence in Italy so get ready to not only find “your people,” but new friends for life.


Women's Cycling in Bellagio on Lake Como

Off-The-Bike Activities

When you are ready for some quiet time, relax in your cozy private room with a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains. If you are itching to explore our beautiful region, there are numerous tourist activities to enjoy in the afternoon or on a rest day. Bellagio and Como have delightful walking tours and shopping, the ferries can take you to other villages on the lake and to some of the classic villas, or maybe you would like to sharpen your cooking skills with an authentic Italian cooking class. The possibilities are nearly endless. We suggest a week’s stay to truly being unraveling all that Lake Como offers, but you would not be wrong to stay longer!


Women's Cycling in Bellagio on Lake Como
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