The Ultimate Pro Bike Fit on Lake Como

The Ultimate Pro Bike Fit





Then the Bottecchia Follows You Home

This year we have talked with a number of guests who do not enjoy riding at home as much as they could due to pain or not feeling “at one” with the bike they own. This can be because they are not on the correct size bike and/or they need a few changes in the bike’s fit to revolutionize how they ride. Many of these riders are new to cycling and have not learned yet that a bike fit analysis by a professional will make cycling more comfortable, more efficient, and ultimately much more fun.



Our Cycling Manager, Alberto Elli, has over 20 years of experience and training in cycling mechanics and bike fitting to determine the cyclist’s perfect bike fit. Now he brings this specialized skill to our guests. Given your height and dimensions and his uncanny knack of perfectly knowing what you need even before meeting you in person, Alberto is ready to change your experience on the bike forever.



Before the guest arrives, Alberto has already personally picked out one of our carbon fiber Bottecchia rental bikes and begun the initial bike sizing. Once at our shop, the bike and rider are put on a stationary bike stand and the pedaling and analysis begin. Alberto adjusts the seat height, saddle fore and aft, handlebar height, and stem length. On the stand Alberto watches the pedal stroke and examines the rider’s position. He asks questions, he studies, they converse, and very quickly he knows the rider better than they know themselves. The rider feels confident and already at ease once the session is over. Then after the maiden voyage with the Bottecchia around Lake Como, the rider is left in awe at how much better their riding experience is, without pain, and more importantly – with what is possible.



We can write down the bike fit specifics for the guest to take home, but in some cases the Bottecchia bike fit by Alberto is so life changing that the only next step is to take the bike back home! In September our guest Vivian loved her Bottecchia and fit so much that she opted to take it back to Seattle with her. Vivian came to us as a casual rider and admitted that her bike at home was probably too big and not very comfortable, which was impeding how much she enjoyed riding.



After a bike fit on our Bottecchia with Alberto, however, she gained new confidence that showed on every outing because she could focus on the experience and joy rather than feeling burdened by a bike that was just not right. Vivian’s week of Italian cycling immersion gave her not only Alberto’s wisdom and the perfect bike, but new confidence and a new world of cycling experieces.



Before her Bottecchia left our shop for its “forever home”, Alberto, ever the professional overseeing his stable, performed a final check of the bike and cleaned it to show-room-ready status. Our ComoLagoBike squada was more than happy to come together to pack Vivian’s new bike safely for the long journey home, and left a few notes of well wishes on the box to their new friend.



Enjoy your new cycling experience together Vivian and Donatella!

Making cycling dreams come true – are you ready for the most authentic Italian cycling experience on Lake Como?


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