Pinarello Prince rental bike in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Pinarello Prince Disk Rental Bike





New 2019 Rental Bikes

ComoLagoBike’s fleet of Italian rental bikes expands in 2019 as we introduce our new top of the line road bike, the Pinarello Prince Disk. This bike directly descends from the same lineage as the Dogma F10 that was ridden by Team Sky to two Tour de France victories in 2017 and 2018, as well as four Tour de France wins on the earlier Dogma from 2012-2016.

Our own Tour de France veteran, Cycling Manager and lead guide Alberto Elli, was a professional racer for 16 years and rode all the top equipment available to the professional teams. He says of the Pinarello:

"I have finished my professional career and reflect on many memories. Now, with a bike like this, it is like going back in time with lots of good memories. I continue to pedal faster and faster."


Pinarello Prince Disk Rental Bike in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy


Choose your favorite Lake Como cycling route, whether fast lakeside hills or Il Lombardia climbs and our guides will show you what this bike is meant to do. Under your control, the legendary Pinarello geometry will provide an all-rounder ride to effectively, but comfortably, deliver you the best ride performance on Lake Como. All the power that you’ve been training for is maximized through the T700 carbon fiber frame with little loss of your energy from extraneous frame flex. On spirited group rides, cornering, and descending you will instantly notice the results of Pinarello’s continuous drive for improvement: stable, reliable, and fast.



And it’s not just the frame that delivers. The Prince’s disk brakes and thru-axles are engineered for high performance. The whole bike transmits improved cornering and braking power to expertly pilot you with confidence down the long technical descents of the Colma di Sormano or Passo Agueglio.

The distinguished Italian cycling heritage is waiting for you at our Bellagio rental point. See our Bike Rental webpage to reserve your Pinarello Prince for your cycling holiday on Lake Como.


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