Guided cycling tour in Sardegna/Sardinia with Alberto Elli

Cycling Sardinia, Italy, March 3-10, 2019





Where do pro Italian cyclists escape to awaken their bodies and spirits after a long winter? Join our Cycling Manager, Alberto Elli, for a week's guided cycling tour in one of his favorite destinations, the Italian island of Sardegna (Sardinia) from March 3-10, 2019


Guided cycling tour in Sardegna/Sardinia with Alberto Elli


Kiss winter good bye and give your legs the long hours of outdoor training they have been craving. Alberto will be guiding you over 500 kilometers and 6500 meters of his favorite roads, pedaling under blue skies and warm sunshine to prime your body for the season to come. Those in the Southern Hemisphere may not be ready to lose your summer conditioning and will welcome this opportunity to test your legs with Alberto.

Each day you will tour to a new destination along the northern coast of the island, each town ripe with culture, history and delicious local food. The coastlines are renown around the world as being some of the most beautiful, with white sandy beaches and clear warm water. Alberto will be your personal guide in this exotic Italian location, combining his love for cycling and brilliant sunny destinations. We are excited to offer this unique tour of Italian island hospitality as only Alberto Elli can deliver.


Guided cycling tour in Sardegna/Sardinia with Alberto Elli


Rates start at €1,790 per person, double-occupancy. See our ComoLagoBike PRO website for the full details.


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